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Tron: A solid crypto investment

Tron: A solid crypto investment

I have been head scratching to decide where to add more investment into my Crypto portfolio.

After all there are so many choices and the price are really moving at the moment, mostly upwards, April his historically a good month for the crypto market.

However, the choice is vast and unpredictable. But I do like the look of Tron (TRX), it may not be the biggest or most popular cryptocurrency but it is a solid performer.

The underlying technology has real prospects for the future, Tron has established dual headquarters in the Americas and Asia Pacific, with the establishment of more overseas offices in preparation for rapid expansion. 


Why Tron?

Many of us are familiar with online poker with betting centre attached. Here Tron makes freedom for all those producers and programmers who will finally be able to disclose their decentralised applications containing multiple utilities such as games, images, videos and much more, offered to the public at zero commissions. All this allows the delivery of these contents bypassing fiscal control using decentralised methods, such as through the mother Blockchain, offers a real technology for the distribution of storage, allowing creators to have full control of their projects such as they will be able to share their products without the use of intermediaries and their subscriptions such as Sky or Youtube.

The number of downloads of multimedia content globally is nothing short of frightening and TRX is apparently riding the wave. Obviously, never forget that investing in cryptocurrencies involves volatility and a risk that should not be underestimated.

tron 17 4 21Tron weekly chart by TradingView

About The Creator

Justin Sun the Tron creator has a relationship with Jack Ma which begs the question of whether there will be a merger or convergence of the two entities in the future. Any such news would be monumental and certainly catapult Tronix down an already well-trodden path to success. The fact that he can call Jack Ma, the founder of the Ali Baba Group, as well as the founder of the World Wide Web, members of his inner circle shows how powerful he really is.


Tron has great tech with huge potential in an expanding marketplace with a creator who is now a major player in the Crypto market.

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